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Can I make a single shot or double shot, or more?

Output volume is controlled by user pumping action.  You can pump a single shot (30 ml), a double shot (60 ml) or up to the full tank capacity of 300 ml (10 oz) for a full cup of coffee.

What kind of coffee grounds can I use?

The best results will be achieved with very fine and precise grounds intended for espresso machines.  However, great results can also be achieved with various grounds from any coffee grinder, or vacuum pack coffee widely available in super markets (Lavazza, Illy).  The Nomad's True Crema Valve™ compensates for the variation of the fineness of coffee grounds and packing pressure, ensuring optimal emulsification of beneficial oils in coffee beans.  Unlike the common double-walled pressurized filter basket, True Crema Valve™ does not aerate, or foam up the coffee.

Can I use pre-packed coffee pods?

We recognize that pods and capsule machines are convenient and easy to use.  However, highest quality espresso can only be achieved by hand packing of fresh coffee grounds.  The present Nomad aims at producing the best espresso possible, so it only works with ground coffee, the fresher the better.  This provides the widest selection of coffee possible at much less cost than buying disposable pods and capsules.

What are the power requirements?

The Nomad is manually powered.  It requires no electricity, batteries, or CO2, N2O cartridges.  Just add coffee, hot water, and actuate the pump lever.


What about environmental impact?

The Nomad has the lowest environmental impact of any espresso maker.  Since it is manually powered the only energy consumed is that necessary to heat water.  Using no batteries, gas cartridges, or coffee capsules the only remaining disposables are used coffee grounds, perfect for the compost pile.


Is the Nomad patented?

Four patents are issued and others are in process both in the U.S. and internationally.

What materials are used in the construction of the Nomad?

Are they safe in contact with hot water and food grade?  All materials that come in contact with hot water and coffee in Nomad are food grade and rated for high temperature applications.  These include Polypropylene, Polyoxymethylene (POM), EPDM, silicon, stainless steel, and brass.

I am a skilled home barista. Can I use the Nomad without the True Crema Valve?

Yes.  The True Crema Valve can be easily removed.  Without the True Crema Valve, like any other professional or commercial espresso machine the results will depend upon proper calibration of the grind and skilled tamping technique.  The True Crema Valve reduces the requirements of expensive coffee mills and skilled technique.  This means now everyone can pull a great shot of espresso with the Nomad.

Does the drop in pressure between pump strokes affect the quality of the shot?

With proper pumping technique it is easy to maintain the brew pressure within the optimal range of 8 to 10 bars, or higher if desired.  The technique is easy to master due to ergonomic design elements which make the pump and lever easy and comfortable to operate.

How is the Nomad engineered to ensure proper brewing temperature?

Thermal requirements were at the center of our design considerations and we have engineered the Nomad to keep water hot enough for great espresso making.  Guidelines from the Istituto Nazionale Espresso Italiano state that the entry water pressure is 9 ± 1 bar and the entry water temperature is 88 ± 2°C (67 ± 3°C in the cup).  The Nomad's thermal design is based on two central concepts of low thermal mass and low thermal conductivity.  The selection of materials that come in contact with the hot water in the Nomad minimize heat absorption and dissipation.  The result is that, if filled with water at near boiling temperature (98 degrees C +/- 1) the entry temperature of water into the brewing chamber is 88 ± 2°C and the coffee temperature in the cup is 67 ± 3°C.  These numbers depend on the ambient temperature.  With a cold machine, we suggest pre-warming the Nomad by filling it with hot water and pump a blank shot.  Tamp the coffee, dump the remaining water out first then fill it again with boiling water to start pulling the first shot.  These measures of low conductivity design and insulation not only reduce the loss of heat, but also ensure that the exterior of the Nomad never becomes hot to touch during operation.

Instruction Videos

Nomad Specifications


Size 17cm X 17cm X 15cm (WDH)
Water Capacity 300 cc (10 oz.)
Filter Basket Size  50 mm
Weight  1.18 kg (2.6 lbs) (dry)
Brewing Pressure 6 – 9 bars (87 - 130 psi)
Pressure Gauge Range 0 – 14 bar (0 – 200 psi)

User Guides and Trouble Shooting Tips

Any questions regarding the operation of the Nomad, service, sales, availability, shipping, etc. please contact us at

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