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Nomad is the REAL DEAL.  It is backed up by the most respected coffee experts and enthusiasts all over the world.  Frankly they are surprised by how much the Nomad has reduced the complexity of espresso machines while still producing perfect shots.  In other words, the Nomad has decoded espresso.


Ninety Plus Coffee and Finca Deborah are highly respected purveyors and growers of the highest quality award winning specialty coffee beans.  We were pleased to learn from their Instagram pages that they both own and enthusiastically use the Nomad espresso machine.  It speaks volumes that they have independently selected the revolutionary Nomad for brewing and testing their world famous coffee beans.

Top Coffee Growers use the Nomad on their farms

"This little machine is nothing short of amazing and creates an espresso easily as good as any we've had."

Finca Deborah – Panama Geisha bean supplier to 2016 World Barista Champion

Coffee lovers who seek the ultimate coffee experience are discovering the Nomad and becoming amazed and enchanted by its performance and simple, elegant design.


"Agreed! This is one Amazing, simple espresso machine.....Best espresso machine I've owned and I've gone through quite a few of the mid-range consumer pump driven units. The Nomad makes espresso on the same level as machines costing thousands of dollars. Truly a marvel of a product."

"Impressive. In a word, the Nomad is impressive. The elegantly simple design strips away the fussiness, and quite frankly, the error of most espresso machines that results in flat, bitter or otherwise off-tasting espresso. Near-boiling water + pressure + fresh grounds = great espresso."


"If I had one (non-complaint) complaint... is that it is almost TOO easy and convenient for its own good. You can easily get a little carried away... I kept buying good espresso beans and they kept vanishing... "

Nomad Espresso in coffee museum collection

In fact people are falling in love with the Nomad as it brings barista quality coffee into their homes and nostalgia and romance back into their coffee lifestyle.

A manual machine you can trust.

"If I had to describe my experience with the Nomad in one word it would be delightful!

My first espresso experience was at a small Swiss restaurant in a little mountain town in Colorado. The chef there had a "secret" for pulling great shots and I have been disappointed with every espresso that I have had since... until now. The Nomad makes great shots!


"Works flawlessly, good looking, and also portable. What more could one want. Using that reminds me of going into a mom and pop cafe in Florence, Italy and having my very first espresso."

Coffee enthusiasts are abandoning expensive, complicated espresso machines in favor of the Nomad because they find it is easier, more fun, and just consistently makes better coffee.


"It consistently makes incredible espresso with beautiful crema and a great taste. It is very tolerant to the grind and has worked equally well for a large variety of coffee beans and roasts we tested. It makes shots which are actually better than those I can pull from my Rancillio Silvia! (Sigh.)"


"And as far as simple, freestanding, manual espresso makers go, I think this is one of the best. I own or have tried a ROK, a Flair, a Forge, and a Rossa. I think the result in the cup from the Nomad easily beats the ROK and the Flair, and is right up there with the Forge and the Rossa. It produces a rich and nuanced espresso."


"I’ve been having so much good shots with my nomad that I’m barely utilizing my Spaziale Musica."


"Beautiful design and build, well packed and a pleasure to use. I have quite a few coffee machines including a La Pavoni Lever and this is so much easier to use and produces a great crema."

Expert coffee at home with no big investments on big machines.

"This little machine makes the most amazing espressos. What surprises me is how simple the machine is, yet it seems to be able to cope with imperfect grinding and yet still produce quality shots with a surprising amount of crema."


"I feel confident that I can make lattes better than the best coffee shop here in Vancouver, and you can use that as a testimonial"


"This isn't just a well-designed espresso maker; it's a work of art"

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