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Lever Machine Redefined
Minimalist Design

UniTerra Inc. is the creator and manufacturer of the Nomad espresso machine. The Nomad is known worldwide for making top quality uncompromising espresso wherever you have coffee and hot water.

Perfect Crema
at your fingertips

With optimized pressure, flow and temperature characteristics the Nomad produces a full rich crema that rivals even the best commercial machines.  Whether you're a novice or a skilled barista you will be amazed by the consistent top quality results of the Nomad.

The Ultimate Personal Espresso Machine

Micro Lever Architecture
makes it possible to be small

The seesaw motion of the small lever operates two tiny piston water pumps. Pressure builds up over a few strokes. Ideal 8 to 10 bars of brewing pressure is at your fingertips

True Crema Valve
pulls consistent shots

Compensates for coffee grounds and tamping variations. Removes the guess work. Pull a perfect shot each and every time with the help of the patented True Crema Valve.

Interactive Pressure Control
manual freedom

Users adjust the pumping speed to produce optimal brewing pressure. Live monitoring with total control of the brewing pressure yields superior results.

Nomad colors line up Green to Red_695x378.jpg

Nothing short of amazing
... an engineering marvel

A Work of Art
mechanical perfection

Nomad is not a device of compromise. It completely functions like a true lever machine while simplifying the operation and increasing  the success rate of what's involved in pulling a shot of great espresso.

Outdoor and Environment Friendly
minimum waste
maximum freedom
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